Holland was born in Northern California, spending her formative years in the Rocky Mountains of Southern Colorado. She attended the University of Colorado and Denmark's International School, graduating with a degree in Architecture. Her first career in architecture and sustainable furniture design, was an ideal blend of sculptural and the visual. Her lifelong interest in abstraction and visual language now finds expression in her career as a fine artist. 

Her paintings, collages and assemblages are contemporary colorist abstractions inspired by nature. Most of her works feature nature and flowers as a focal point. The canvases are inhabited by shapes and symbols borrowed from botany, architectural structures, folk art, mythology, geometry, mystical phenomena and fairy tale motifs. Works are textural and layered; between two and three dimensions, defined by sculptural forms and unconventional combinations of media and material. 

"In my painted world I want imagination and object to meld, assemble and respond to each other for a surrealist sense of wonder and awe."